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Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in immunization, and maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH). More than 4000 CSOs - including non-governmental organizations, advocacy organizations, professional and community associations, faith-based organizations and academia from around the world - come together to form the Gavi CSO Constituency. Together we help advance Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance vision of a world where all children are reached with life-saving vaccines.
The role of CSOs in immunization is multi-faceted and includes: direct service provision, creating demand for vaccination and child health services, advocating for increased access to immunization and acting as a watchdog to ensure that government and international actors are accountable to the people and communities they serve. CSOs have one seat on the Gavi Board and also participate in Board committees and task teams.
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Latest News


Dear friends of the Gavi CSO Constituency,

As you may know, over the week of September 10th we have held two major events for CSOs: ConneXions18 and the OAFRESS General Assembly.
These events have been a great source of learning and sharing between the participants, but also for us as the Gavi CSO Steering Committee. In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing with you some resources that were developed during the events, so don't forget to check your mailbox! Some pictures are already available on our facebook page.  

We hope these events energized you as much as it energized us!

Kind regards,
Your Steering Committee

ConneXions18, 12-14 Sept. 2018

Assemblée Générale OAFRESS, 15-17 Sept. 2018