Sheetal Sharma

Safari Doctors, Kenya

Steering Committee representative: Sheetal Sharma, Grant and Research Strategist 

Sheetal Sharma is a pharmacologist and microbiologist by training. A firm advocate of Universal Health Care. Over the past decade she has dedicated her implementation and research skills to deliver healthcare in conflict settings. She feels impact evaluations in public health are important, they aim to demystify the evidence, explain the numbers and so put research into the hands of those that matter. Last mile vaccine and healthcare delivery is vital, it can harness social ethic to health improvement purposes for a better yield in social development. Currently, she is a Harvard Medical School Research Fellow (2019) and the Grant and Research Strategist for the community-based organization, Safari Doctors in Lamu Archipelago, Kenya; an organization dedicated to delivering last mile health and vaccines by sea. Finally, she is a keen photographer, she believes in the power of photography for storytelling and has won multiple awards for her research and photo essays on delivering maternal and child health with the support of Santander Universities. She is a member of the Society of Social Medicine and sits on the board as a founding member of the Asian Journal of Midwives.