Pramod Jog

Indian Academy of Paediatrics (India)

Steering Committee representative: Pramod Jog, President, IPA

Dr. Jog has held positions of responsibility within IPA for the last 35 years and currently serves as its president. As a clinician and Professor in a medical college, he has pursued his passion in child care for many years and worked as a social paediatrician.

Pramod has been active in numerous programmes, conferences and social activities, spreading academic awareness among paediatricians, grassroots level health providers and parents. Dr Jog was instrumental in pioneering India's 'Goodbye Polio' program in 1985.

Pramod received a Plotkin’s award during the 2011 ADVAC course in Annecy, France. 


The Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) is an advocate for newborns, children and adolescents to help them and their families attain optimal physical, mental, psychological and social health. IAP encourages the advancement of knowledge, study and practice of the science of paediatrics. IAP promotes scientific collaboration among members and make rules regarding standards for their professional conduct. The Academy provides facilities to students, scholars and institutions for the study of, or research in, paediatrics by way of scholarships, fellowships, grants and endowments. They are also responsible for awarding fellowships, prizes, certificates and diplomas of proficiency in the science of paediatrics, including conducting qualifying tests and examinations.


IAP expresses its views on all questions affecting child health in India and provide advice and input to national-level laws affecting the science and practice of paediatrics and child health. IAP facilitates the development of paediatric specialties, including accreditation of paediatric specialty courses by institutions.