Nathalie Ernoult

Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF), Access Campaign, France

Steering Committee representative: Nathalie Ernoult, Head of Regional and Francophone Advocacy, MSF Access Campaign

Nathalie has 20 years of management experience with international humanitarian organization in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. She has a good understanding of patients and field challenges. In 2008 she joined the MSF Access Campaign for Essential Medicines focusing on improving access to nutrition and immunization. Since then she has been active in different forums to build cases and demonstrate the need for policy change. She is also an advocate for the vital role of CSOs in immunization. Nathalie is a faculty member at the Institut de Relations Internationales Strategiques, where she developed a curriculum on Advocacy.


MSF aims to bring the best medical care possible to some of the most disadvantaged people on earth.  In 1999, Médecins Sans Frontières launched the Access Campaign to alert the world about the desperate need to improve the medical tools at our and others' disposal.