Muhammad Naseem, Deputy Head of Mission, HealthNet TPO Afghanistan

HealthNet TPO, Afhganistan

Steering Committee representative: Muhammad Naseem, Deputy Head of Mission, HealthNet TPO Afghanistan

 Dr.Muhammad Naseem is the Deputy Head of Mission for HealthNet TPO Afghanistan. In his current assignment, he leads the project management and operation of the organization in Afghanistan. Dr Naseem is medical doctor and received his MBBS from Punjab University Pakistan in 1996. He worked as a clinical physician for a number of years and earned his MPH from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), VU University Amsterdam Netherlands in 2012. Naseem actively participates in different (insert word) within the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) for the development of key policies and strategies. He is also a member of the Afghan National Public Health Association (ANPHA) and represents HealthNet TPO in the South Asian Hub for Advocacy, Research and Education on Mental Health (SHARE). Naseem has been part of malaria research studies, conducted health seeking behaviour analysis and presented abstracts about innovative approaches for Reproductive Health services.

HealthNet TPO is a Netherlands based NGO founded on the principle that access to affordable quality health care is a basic human right. HealthNet TPO works globally in four thematic areas; the mental health and psychosocial care, control of communicable diseases, innovative development of health systems and health financing schemes. In Afghanistan, the organization has implemented projects related to health services delivery, health system development including Gavi Type A and Type B project implementation. Currently HealthNet TPO is providing immunization services through 67 private health facilities (PPP) and 71 public health facilities, hospitals across Afghanistan. HealthNet TPO, as one of the leading NGOs in the health sector and has been active in advocacy, policy development and advisory functions at the national level in Afghanistan. A member of the WHO advisory group for eradication of polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the organisation is also a Global Fund Board CSO constituency member and has previously chaired the Gavi CSO Steering Committee.