Laura Kerr

RESULTS UK, United Kingdom

Steering Committee representative: Laura Kerr, Policy Advocacy Officer (Child Health), RESULTS UK

Laura is passionate about ensuring children don't die before their fifth birthday from preventable and treatable diseases. A campaigner and activists for many years, Laura now leads the development and implementation of RESULTS advocacy strategy on immunisation and child health. Her focus is on improving policies and increasing political will for routine immunisation, and she spends most of her time advocating towards Gavi, GPEI, and DFID, as well as many other global health stakeholders and institutions to ensure all children are immunised with all WHO recommended vaccines. Laura coordinates a number of CSO networks and working groups, with a particular focus on sustainable health financing and transition from multilateral funding organisations, and has undertaken a number of civil society advocacy trainings on this topic. Further, Laura has written a number of publications on country ownership of immunisation and changing donor financing.

Before joining RESULTS, Laura was a grassroots campaigner, with a number of different organisations, including RESULTS, Oxfam, and fair trade organisations. She also previously worked and volunteered for Oxfam (GB and Scotland) in a number of campaign roles. Laura has a Masters degree in International Law from the University of Glasgow. 

RESULTS UK (RUK) is a non-profit advocacy organisation based in London, which generates the public and political will to end extreme poverty and hunger. RUK has 30 years of experience in delivering effective advocacy to impact vital issues including Global Health, Child Survival, Education and Economic Opportunities. RUK is a founding member of the ACTION partnership, a global partnership of advocacy organisations across five continents in both donor and high burden countries working to influence policy and mobilise resources to fight diseases of poverty and achieve equitable access to health.


More specifically, RUK's immunisation advocacy focuses on achieving policy changes and leveraging financial commitments from the UK Government to reflect a greater prioritisation of vaccines in health systems.