Johnpaul Omolo, Coordinator of HENNET

Health NGOs Network in Kenya (HENNET), Kenya

Steering Committee representative: JohnPaul Omolo, Coordinator of HENNET


JohnPaul is a public health professional with experience in health systems strengthening and advocacy. He has supported over 27 Civil Society Organizations to institute functional systems and structures that enhance the quality of service delivery and further reinforce their accountability systems. Johnpaul was part of a CDC research project in Kisumu looking at Influenza vaccine effectiveness, where he served as the quality assurance and control personnel. The study yielded positive outcomes with a high level of immunopotency. The vaccine is currently adopted in the Kenya Expanded Program for Immunization. Currently, JohnPaul coordinates the Health NGOs Network (HENNET) Secretariat. Moreover, he has supported the government of Kenya to develop various health plans, including the country's Comprehensive Multi Year Plan.


Health NGOs Network (HENNET) was founded in early 2005 as the result of a need to set up a forum for NGOs dealing with health issues with the purpose of collaboration, sharing of experiences and advocacy. HENNET brings together 92 different health oriented CSOs with diverse interests, but all with a common vision of a 'Healthy Kenyan Society'. During its nearly 11 years of existence, HENNET has achieved a number of milestones; including the establishment of a platform that provides opportunities for CSOs to speak with one voice, and increased policy engagement across the organizations as is evidenced in increased advocacy. The network has successfully increased access to sector information through the production and dissemination of popular versions of key sector documents through its website and by reaching out to members through mails and focused meetings. HENNET has also ensured its membership is fully engaged in the development of key sector policy and planning documents. In the current five year period (2014-2018), the network will seek to increase its presence at the grassroots level by establishing county chapters in all of the 47 counties of the Republic of Kenya.