Guy Bokongo

Mr Guy Bokongo is a Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer working with PATH in the Democratic Republic of Congo and based in Kinshasa. He leads PATH immunization Work in close partnership with the EPI and DRC Ministry of Health in general; he provides technical support to immunization advocacy and communications working group that brings together government, civil society, and technical experts to address issues pertaining to social mobilization, policy, and financing. Before joining PATH, Guy use to work with World Vision for about 10 years leading the advocacy work oriented to MNCH and immunization; In DRC, He was the county lead of the “Child Health now campaign” which was a global World Vision’s campaign that aimed at contributing to the reduction of the Maternal and child deaths.
At PATH Guy’s advocacy work relies on his decade of experience in civil society engagement, capacity building, advocacy, policy analysis & development, community mobilization, and social accountability.
He is knowledgeable about the immunization system in the DRC and particularly the technical and budgetary challenges of working in a decentralized government. He also serves as technical advisor for the organization’s engagement with Decision makers at the provincial and national level.

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