Becklyn Ulzen-Christian (also known as Queen Mother Nana Akyenba III)

Pathfinder's Outreach Ministry, Ghana

Steering Committee representative: Becklyn Ulzen-Christian (also known as Queen Mother Nana Akyenba III)

 Nana Akyenba is a traditional leader in her native Ghana, having been given the designation of Queen Mother in her region. She is a renowned HIV-TB advocate and a specialist in HIV prevention and education for the most-at-risk. Nana has worked on maternal and child health programs, with a focus on malaria prevention, and also has experience in championing programs in childhood immunization, adolescent reproductive health, family planning and nutrition. She is currently the Executive Director of Pathfinder’s Outreach Ministry (POM) in Accra, Ghana, an NGO established in 1996 and registered in 2001. Nana has helped to organize National Health Summits in Ghana and has served as a Board member of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC).

 POM is registered non-profit organization that has worked in more than 100 communities in Western and Central Ghana, as well as in the Greater Accra Region. Its objective is to strengthen the capacities of women and youth for self- and community development. POM’s programs focus mainly on girls' and women's education, malaria/HIV/TB prevention, health-care and support, and improvement of community-based water and sanitation systems. POM equips individuals and local partner organizations with technical skills to develop, manage, and evaluate community-driven programs. Moreover, these groups are supported to create and maintain networks with key community leaders, government representatives and policy officials whose support is critical to long-term success.