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Gavi CSO Constituency Newsletters

The Gavi CSO Constituency Newsletters are issued on a quarterly basis and aim at sharing updates from the Steering Committee, Constituency members and partner organizations. Click on the links to read it (you can also download it for printing):

Gavi CSO Constituency Newsletter - Issue no. 1, Nov. 2017 (ENG)

Gavi Civil Society DOSE - Issue no. 4, Summer 2013 (ENG): Immunisation in the Broader Context: Strengthening Health Systems, Achieving Universal Health Coverage
Gavi Civil Society DOSE - Issue no. 3, Dec. 2012 (ENG): Civil Society on the RISE - CSO Case Studies on Results, Innovation, Sustainability and Equity in Immunisation
Gavi Civil Society DOSE - Issue no. 2, Summer 2012 (ENG): The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration: Moving from Inspiration to Operation
Gavi Civil Society DOSE - Issue no. 1, Dec. 2012 (ENG): Harnessing Civil Society to Reach the 5th Child