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Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in immunization, and maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH). More than 4000 CSOs - including non-governmental organizations, advocacy organizations, professional and community associations, faith-based organizations and academia from around the world - come together to form the Gavi CSO Constituency. Together we help advance Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance vision of a world where all children are reached with life-saving vaccines.
The role of CSOs in immunization is multi-faceted and includes: direct service provision, creating demand for vaccination and child health services, advocating for increased access to immunization and acting as a watchdog to ensure that government and international actors are accountable to the people and communities they serve. CSOs have one seat on the Gavi Board and also participate in Board committees and task teams.
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Latest News

Gavi CSO ConneXions 2018

12-14 Sept. 2018

Nairobi, Kenya


This year we are expecting over 100 participants coming from more than 24 different countries, this will create exciting networking opportunities among the CSOs, donors, the UN agencies and our government officials in attendance! We hope that by the end of the conference, participants will have: 
    • -- Exchanged information on their promising practices, research outcomes and lessons learned
    • -- Strengthened partnerships with Gavi, the Gavi CSO Constituency, and peer CSO platforms around the world
    • -- Strengthened knowledge and skills in key technical areas related to health system strengthening, advocacy and immunization
    • -- Understood their role in their countries transition and graduation processes
    • -- A strengthened understanding of their future and consider different options to ensure they remain sustainable
Overall, we also expect participants to strengthen their network, learn from their peers and identify good practices they could replicate.
We would like to encourage you to publish photos, videos, comments and tweet on social media during the event, as well as before and after. Feel free to use the following Hashtags when publishing: #GaviCSOConnexions18 or #ConneXions18. You can also tag us using the @GaviCSO or @GaviCSOConneXions, it will help track the publications and re-publish them to get more attention.

Kind regards, Your Steering Committee

Click here to watch the video of ConneXions17


OAFRESS General Assembly / Assemblée Générale

15-17 Sept. 2018

Nairobi, Kenya

L'OAFRESS vise à fédérer une communauté d’acteurs de la société civile d’Afrique francophone, de l’Océan indien et des Caraïbes ayant pour langue officielle le Français, pour un plaidoyer coordonné et efficace sur l’accès aux services de soins de santé. En marge de la rencontre de Connexion Gavi CSO 2017 à Nairobi, les Plateformes Nationales membres de l’OAFRESS présents tiendront leur Assemblée Générale, à laquelle au moins 45 participants sont attendus. 
Objectif général 
  • Tenir l’Assemblée Générale constitutive pour la formalisation et la mise en place des organes dirigeants de l’OAFRESS.
Objectifs spécifiques  
  • Analyser les éléments décelés constituant le goulot d’étranglement de l’institution; 
  • Identifier les besoins cruciaux et les ressources nécessaires pour la redynamisation de l’OAFRESS ;
  • Déterminer les moyens pour optimiser les soutiens des partenaires qui devaient servir de catalyseur pour l’OAFRESS;
  • Adopter le plan de développement stratégique et la stratégie de mobilisation de ressources de l’OAFRESS;
  • Doter l’OAFRESS de textes fondamentaux et juridiques;
  • Elire les administrateurs gestionnaires de l’OAFRESS, conformément aux textes fondamentaux; Avoir une déclaration finale pour le secrétariat de l’OAFRESS
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